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Graham McKean by Peter Howson O.B.E.

I am proud of Graham McKean. He is a determined painter who has done well, and is on the path to seeing his dreams come true.

My admiration for his art is on many levels, but first and foremost it is the simplicity and beauty of his imagination. These images stick in your mind. They have humour, and they have sadness.

Graham has managed to do a rare thing with his art. He has created a style which is uniquely his, and it is instantly recognisable.

Nearly all his work is strong, but strangely charming, gentle even. I find them romantic and chivalrous. His composition is extremely fine and his drawing is good. Everything holds together well by a clever use of colour.

The art isn't always the artist, but in Graham's case I know for a fact that he is a big-hearted man who supports many charities. This kindness comes out in all his work.

As a fellow Ayrshire painter I applaud both him and his exciting work. Long may his success continue!

I have fallen into many traps myself in life and work. What happens after success? In Graham's case, I see the way ahead in large adventurous compositions. Maybe a McKean "Raft of the Medusa" type of painting. For him to do this would be a good move in his career. It would take his art to a new level.

Whatever Graham decides to do next, I am sure he will do it with sincerity, energy and enjoyment. I wish him well.

Brian Clements, director McTears Auctioneers, Glasgow

Graham McKean is one of the greatest artists working in Scotland today. His work is held in both private and public collections worldwide and his reputation as one of our country's leading artist's continues to grow.

McKean has a huge following of collectors not only in the UK but worldwide and when his work appears at any auction it generates much interest.

Not only is he one of Scotland's most popular and collectable living artists, to purchase one of his paintings is a wise investment.

Over many years countless charities throughout the UK have benefited greatly from Graham's work.

The late W.Gordon Smith, art critic

McKean's work is a cross between the painter's John Byrne and Stanley Spencer but with an interesting "bite".

His paintings also contain a unique "feel good" factor which in today's world is like a breath of fresh air.

After viewing a McKean exhibition you feel "uplifted" and the world seems a much better place to be in.

Graeme Mundy, art dealer in contemporary fine pictures

Where Graham McKean's art is nothing if not direct, the subtlety with which he applies his chosen medium, be it in oil or pastel, can be so easily overlooked. This skill combined with his innate sense of composition and understated yet most accomplished use of colour and tone, allied with his customary humour and pathos, make his painting's instantly recognisable - the mark of a true talent and one of Scotland's most outstanding artists.

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